Healthy Relationships Resources

Grades 6-8 (Girl Scout Cadettes)

GSUSA is pleased to offer the Sister to Sister: The Darker Side of Friendship documentary as a program enhancement for Cadette girls taking the aMAZE journey from the It's Your World: Change It! leadership journey series. The aMAZE journey is designed to give girls tips and strategies for creating healthy relationships and long-lasting friendships. Ultimately girls emerge from the maze of life's relationships to amaze their world with Take Action Projects that mobilize ever wider circles of people in positive and peaceful interactions. Noted in the aMAZE Adult Guide on page 62, the Sister to Sister documentary "shows how girls use relational aggression in and out of school, and even online, against a new girls who wants to become part of their group."

Directions on how to download and install Sister to Sister: The Darker Side of Friendship (Windows only):

  1. Download (ZIP file) and unzip the file (you may need to get an unzip utility program (like WinZip) if you don't already have one)
  2. Click on the Sister to Sister set-up icon to run the installation program; the program will load into the Program Files directory (you must have "administrator rights" to your own computer to be able to run programs)
  3. Once the set-up is completed, Sister to Sister will appear in the program start-up menu. Click on Start / Programs / Sister to Sister, and the program will begin.

Facilitator Guide

Download the Facilitator Guide that accompanys the Cadette resources within the series.