New York Life Foundation

New York Life Foundation

For the several years, Girl Scouts of the USA and the New York Life Foundation partnered to promote academic achievement among middle school age girls in low income communities through School Success Clubs. Over 1,400 girls have participated in activities before, during, and after school that focus on science, technology, engineering, math, financial literacy and community action.

The school-based clubs encourage girls' self-development and help build the confidence and leadership skills needed for high performance in academic classes. Later, the program expanded in venues in Massachusetts, Washington, and New York State, serving over 430 new girls.

In conjunction with GSUSA, the participating councils also contributed to the development of an interactive facilitator's guide, Mix it Up! This fun resource, gives girls opportunities not only for real-life applications of financial literacy and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities but also find their voice, challenge themselves, make friends, and have fun.

"We are proud to fund a program that will give young women many of the tools they need to overcome obstacles and succeed in life," said Christine Park, President of New York Life Foundation. "The curriculum will incorporate academic topics like science, technology, engineering, math, and life skills like career exploration, and financial literacy, often overlooked subjects for girls that warrant attention to build a solid academic foundation preparing them to become future leaders."

About The New York Life Foundation
The New York Life Foundation is the major vehicle through which New York Life Insurance Company channels contributions to national and local nonprofit organizations. Through its Nurturing the Children initiative, the Foundation supports organizations, programs, and services that target young people, particularly in the areas of mentoring, safe places to learn and grow, and educational enhancement opportunities. Since 1979, the New York Life Foundation has donated more than $100 million to national and local non-profit organizations. Please visit the Foundation's Web site at www.newyorklifefoundation.org.