2014 World Thinking Day Brownie Activities

Note to Volunteers

The World Thinking Day award is an OFFICIAL Award that may be worn on the front of the Official Uniform sash or vest.

The theme for World Thinking Day 2014 is girls worldwide say "education opens doors for all girls and boys." This theme is based on United Nation's Millennium Development Goal 2, to achieve universal primary education, and is especially focused on making sure girls have access to education. Educating girls is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reduce global poverty.

Before getting started, please read our Statement of Trust (PDF). You may want to explain to girls that in different parts of the world, some girls and boys don't get to go to school because schools are far away and families can't get them there. Sometimes children have to work to raise money for their families, and therefore cannot attend school.

2014 World Thinking Day Brownie Activities

To earn the award, girls learn more about this topic by completing one or more activity below.

  1. Read aloud the Peace Corp's Schools, and then as a group, talk about some of the similarities between schools in the e-book and your school. What makes the schools unique? Talk about why it is important to get an education, and how geography may affect children's schooling. Even though children in the U.S. have the right to a free public education, in some countries children do not have this privilege. Why do you think this is?
  2. Using this template, draw individual pictures or take digital photos of each part of your school day, beginning with arriving at school and end with dismissal (morning announcements, what subjects are taught daily and when, lunch, recess, etc.).
  3. Create a Welcome to Our School booklet by first discussing some of the special features of your school. What is our school building like? How old is it? How do we use different areas in our school (e.g., gymnasium, playground, garden)? Who are the staff and students in our school? What makes our school community unique? What would we want a newcomer to know about our school? Once completed in booklet form, donate it to the school.
  4. How do you think the television program, Sesame Street, helps girls around the world learn? Watch these video clips (scroll down for videos on left) from Sesame Street in Egypt and Nigeria. What messages do the puppets Khokha (Egypt) and Kami (Nigeria) offer girls? How do the puppets in these videos inspire girls and encourage them to dream big?
  5. Let other kids know about the importance of global education by taking Room to Read's World Change Challenge! Can you and your friends read for a combined 5,000 minutes in just one month? As a group, it's simple and easy. Get your friends and classmates reading and talking about literacy while you read a few minutes each day. Together you'll get to 5,000 in no time. Make sure you keep track of the minutes.
  6. Organize a special school project. First, have a meeting and decide what your school might need and appreciate the most. Consider planting trees, painting, cleaning up the playground, creating themed "art" to brighten up the cafeteria (such as illustrated healthy eating tips). If you are not sure what to do, ask your school principal or another school leader.
  7. Make a better world for girls by taking the World of Girls Girl Scout Leadership Journey. Take action on something that helps children in your school or community receive a better education like starting a reading group to help others get better at reading.