2015 World Thinking Day Ambassador Activities

Note to Volunteers

The World Thinking Day award is an official award that may be worn on the front of the official Girl Scout uniform sash or vest.

The theme for World Thinking Day 2015 is girls worldwide say "we can create partnerships through peace." This theme is based on United Nations' Millennium Development Goal 8: to achieve a global partnership for development.

Before getting started, please read our Statement of Trust (PDF).

Did you know…?

Ambassadors Activities
To earn the award, girls learn more about this topic by completing one or more activity below.

  1. What happens when two parties have conflicting interests but need to work together to solve the same goal? Research different methods of conflict mediation and come up with a social justice mediation style that allows both parties, particularly the disadvantaged party, the opportunity to have their voices heard. Role-play conflicts and mediate them using the system you designed.
  2. Stage a mock United Nations. Have each girl choose a country from the five WAGGGS regions (Africa, Arab Region, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Western Hemisphere). Pick an MDG issue (such as maternal health or water conservation) and have each girl discuss her country's responsibility toward achieving this goal. Be sure to ask the girls how their countries might feel about the issue, as opposed to their personal opinion.
  3. Read Unbowed: A Memoir by Wangari Maathai. Discuss how Maathai's international experience and partnerships aided her work. How were Maathai's goals impeded by differences between her and her fellow Kenyans? What types of differences arose? What should be considered when G8 nations are looking to assist developing nations? How can G8 nations better listen to countries they wish to aid?
  4. Watch the 2006 documentary Black Gold, about the international coffee trade. Then research some of the struggles those in the coffee industry face and what well-known business are doing and not doing to help. Some useful websites:
  5. More than 4 billion people don't use the Internet, and 90 per cent of them are from the developing world. Design an "Internet-free for 48 hours" campaign in your community and take part in it yourself. Reflect on your experience with your friends. How difficult was it for you? How does Internet access make your life easier?
  6. Imagine your group/troop could join together with the person or organization of your dreams, to take action and make the world a better place. Share with the group who you would choose, why, and what project you would want to develop. Use the Your Voice, Your World Girl Scout Leadership Journey to create a Take Action project, and see if you can contact your dream person or organization for support.