What's in a WAGGGS Symbol?

Learn the many parts of the World Association Pin and World Flag

A new version of the World Association Pin, which every member may wear, was introduced in 1991. Every part has a meaning, and the symbolism has not changed from the original design of the World Trefoil.

The interactive image below explains the symbolism, part by part.


World Association Pin

Click on each element to learn its meaning and placement in the World Association Pin.

1. The colors, blue & golden yellow

2. The vein

3. Two stars


4. The flame

5. Three trefoil leaves

6. The flowing border


The World Flag

A new World Flag was also introduced in 1991. Units may still carry the old one.

The three golden/orange squares on the flag represent our threefold Promise.

The white blaze in the corner is a symbol of world-wide peace which all Guides and Girl Scouts work for in their families, communities and the wider world.