Nassau County and Peru "Nod" for Good Health:
A Twinning Project Tackling Nutrition, Obesity, and Diabetes

Girl Scouts Learn Locally, Lead Globally
The Girl Scouts of the Nassau County council had become proud peer educators on the dangers of juvenile diabetes, a disease that affects three million children and teenagers in the U.S. Lisbeth, Andrea, Ashley, Jocelyn, and other girls in the council wanted to share information about juvenile diabetes—including the importance of exercise and good nutrition—with young people in Nassau County and throughout the world. But how would they accomplish this?

Reaching, Teaching, and Transformation
The Nassau County council launched a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Lima, Peru, a WAGGGS member organization. Using videoconferencing technologies and a chat room, Girls Scouts of Nassau County and the Girl Scouts of Peru imparted information about juvenile diabetes, obesity, and nutrition. The girls discussed how self-esteem, self-confidence, exercise, and a balanced diet are all important building blocks to living a healthy life.

The girls also discussed some of the similarities—and differences—of their respective cultures, which led to Jocelyn asking Brenda, a Peruvian Girl Scout, about her favorite role model (Brenda's answer: Mother Theresa), as well as a conversation about the person some of the girls would like most to meet. (And the winner is… President Obama!)

The Power of Partnership
Girls Scouts created an international forum connecting them with their WAGGGS sisters, as well as educated their peers about juvenile diabetes, thereby empowering them with information about healthy living.