Girl Scouts Shadow Congresswomen on Take Our Daughters to Congress Day

On April 13, 2011, Girl Scouts from the Girl Scouts Council of the Nation's Capital participated in Take Our Daughters to Congress Day by shadowing Congresswomen one-on-one to learn what it's really like to be an elected official. The girls were able to ask the Congresswomen questions about their political careers, observe how they manage a work-life balance, and see what it means to serve their country. Fifteen Girl Scouts and five girls from Girls, Inc. participated in the day’s event.

Nearly all the participating members of Congress are former Girl Scouts themselves and were happy to have a girl tail them around the Hill for the day; a rare opportunity for anyone.

The group of 16-to-18-year-olds, most of whom are pursing the high-level Girl Scout Gold Award, spent four hours shadowing the Congresswomen.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California spoke to the girls during the opening program about not being afraid to fail and never giving up. Her scout got the chance to go onto the House floor with the Congresswoman as well as attend an Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.