Exploring Girls' Leadership

Exploring Girls' LeadershipSay the word "leadership" and many ideas come to mind—from individual positions of authority based on function and convention to participatory, inclusive approaches based on empowerment and focus on community change. However, with various notions of leadership come misperceptions and biases.

Exploring Girls' Leadership reviews the literature from the youth development and youth leadership fields and contrasts continued misperceptions with youths' realities and community approaches to leadership in the field. The contribution of single-sex environments to girls' leadership is also discussed.

Listening to the voices of girls, the review also includes the findings of a small, online survey and focus groups of girls around the country. Girls' definitions, experiences, and aspirations of leadership are highlighted along with tips and lessons for youth development organizations and communities.

Order or download (PDF) Exploring Girls' Leadership for actionable issues, outcomes, and approaches for youth leadership by youth development organizations, communities, and educational institutions.

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