It's Your World—Change It!

Introducing the First Series of Journeys for Girl Scout Seniors (Grades 9-10)


Girl Scout Seniors know the world is not ideal. This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. They’re invited to create their vision as an art project—in any medium they choose. Then they’ll take action to make their vision a reality. Leaders, after all, are visionaries!




Journey Awards

GIRLtopia invites girls to consider how the world is far from perfect for girls around the world. As girls take in this reality, they are invited to envision an ideal world—a society that consistently respects their needs, values and interests. In GIRLtopia, girls have the option of earning a major award, an important step on the Girl Scout leadership ladder:

The Senior Visionary Award To earn the award, girls complete 3 steps:




Corrections - On page 85 of the girl book (first edition Aug. 2008), bottom of the page above the box, there should be an additional line of text. Sentence should read: When doing research online, these questions are particularly important, because anyone can start a Web site. On page 43 of the adult book (first edition Aug. 2008), the materials box, item "Assessing Our Team Dynamics" list should read: (page 49, to be created in the session). On page 10 of the girl book, download replacement page (PDF) at Resources at right (English or Spanish), or download a printable label (PDF) which can be pasted over the old page.