Change Your World with Journeys!

It's Your World—Change It with Journeys!

Introducing the First Series of Journeys

What will you find at each level of this series?

What will you find in these new books? The Girl Scout Leadership Experience comes to life for girls and the adults in the journeys. All the leadership keys of Discover, Connect, and Take Action along with the Girl Scout processes of Girl Led, Cooperative Learning, and Learning by Doing are woven through each journey.

Want to find out what girls do on each Journey? See journey descriptions (PDF)

Journey Awards

In a Girl Scout journey, awards link experiences, discussions and ideas that girls explore together. As girls progress through the levels from Daisy to Ambassador, their awards signify attaining new and higher levels of knowledge and skills, and ultimately a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world.

All the steps girls take toward earning awards are built right into the journey. Adult guides for each grade level provide tips for coaching girls along the way. With the Brownie Quest map, girls and adults track award progress together; from Juniors on up, girls themselves track their own progress. Another important tradition that helps girls remember what awards stand for, is the ceremony. Journeys offer girls ideas about meaningful ways to celebrate earning awards so that girls always know why these accomplishments matter.

Awards are a vital part of the Girl Scout experience, and adults can assist girls in finding the best way to achieve their goals. If a girl misses a meeting related to earning an award, adults can find a way for her to do something similar to what she missed to earn her award. All girls may not have the exact same experience, but they can each take away new insights, connections and a sense of accomplishment.

Journey Support

In several of the Girl Scout journeys there are some special items: designated pages for copying; songs for the girls to sing; the LiA award for Cadettes who help the Brownies in their Quest; and others. Please look to the grade level section at the left to see what is offered.

Statement of Trust

Girl Scouts of the USA creates national program materials to serve our vast and diverse community of girls. To help bring topics "off the page and into life," we sometimes provide girls—and their volunteers—with suggestions about what people across the country and around the world are doing, as well as movies, books, music, web pages, and more that might spark girl interest.

At Girl Scouts of the USA, we know that not every example or suggestion we provide will work for every girl, family, volunteer, or community.

In partnership with those who assist you with your Girl Scout group, including parents, faith groups, schools, and community organizations, we trust you to choose "real life topic experts" from your community, as well as movies, books, music, websites and other opportunities that are most appropriate for the girls in your area and that will enrich their Girl Scout activities.

Thank you for all you do to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to life with girls, so that they become leaders in their own lives—and the future leaders the world needs!

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