It's Your World—Change It!

Introducing the First Series of Journeys for Girl Scout Cadettes (Grades 6-8)

aMAZE: The Twists and Turns of Getting AlongaMAZE: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along

Life is a maze of relationships and this journey has Girl Scout Cadettes maneuvering through all its twists and turns to find true friendships, plenty of confidence, and maybe even peace. The adult guide offers tips for talking about relationship issues with girls, and pointers for understanding Cadettes' development and creating a safe, welcoming space.


Sister to Sister: The Darker Side of FriendshipSister to Sister: The Darker Side of Friendship
Page 62 of the aMAZE adult journey book cites this GSUSA documentary program that elicits discussion about issues like bullying, relational aggression, cyberbullying and romantic relationships. Download (ZIP) and install this program resource to run on your own computer (Windows only), and read the Facilitator Guide (PDF).

Journey Awards

Cadette Leadership In Action Award Patch (LiA)Cadettes can take a leadership role with Brownies

LiA (Leader in Action) Award

Girl Scout Cadettes have an opportunity to put their skills to work assisting Girl Scout Brownies on their Quest. Brownies (and their volunteers!) will appreciate having Cadettes along on the journey, and Cadettes will benefit from having the opportunity to have a position of responsibility. The steps for Cadettes to earn the LiA are in the Adult Guide for ''Brownie Quest'' and also available online (PDF). Your Girl Scout council is a great resource to identify Cadettes who might be interested in earning this award.

Note: In the August 2008 versions, page 14 of the girl book offers a movie watching activity which lists several suggestions for films about cliques. For adults who would prefer not to give permission for girls to view the R-rated films, Heathers and Jawbreaker, two alternate suggestions are Princess Diaries (G) and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (PG). Download an updated version of page 14 (PDF), or just the corrected paragraph (PDF) which can be pasted over the old one. Download an updated version of page 14 (PDF) for the Spanish book.