It's Your Planet—Love It!

Introducing the Second Series of Journeys for Girl Scout Juniors (Grades 4-5)

Get Moving!

Journey Awards

This journey offers Juniors a chance to earn three Girl Scout leadership awards—Energize, Investigate, and Innovate. The girls can choose to earn one, two, or all three. If they earn all three, they'll see how the awards join together to create an energizing effect on their vest or sash.

To earn the Energize Award, girls:

Junior Journey 2 Award Patch SetTo earn the Investigate Award, girls connect with their Girl Scout crew to:

To earn the Innovate Award, girls:


Please note: typographical errors have been identified and are being corrected in the second edition. Certain corrections that may affect the understanding of content are: Adult book (first edition Aug. 2009) Page 15 – bottom of the page – words cut off: the night lights. Page 22 – First line should read "processes and leadership outcomes." Page 51 – Correct term is CFLs. Page 53 – Observation chart page number should read 56 not 52. Page -- – Sample Letter should both ask for contact with an adult volunteer. Page 74 – Para 6 – to contact an adult volunteer from your group. Page 75 – Para 5 – can call (adult's name) at (phone number) to let me know…