Healthy Habits Success Stories

Girl Scouts has developed three "Healthy Habits" booklets for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. The booklets, which supplement the It's Your Planet—Love It! National Leadership Journeys, help girls develop a strong foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Habits: Girl Scouts Heart of Central California

Sometimes, there's more than one way to do a great job. During the summer season at Camp Menzies, Girl Scouts Heart of Central California found three successful ways to deliver the Healthy Habits program.

"My advice: This is great to incorporate into things you're already doing at camp," says Heidi Truitt, the director of the camp.

So the council decided to concentrate on Brownies and incorporate the Healthy Habits program into "Just the Two of Us," a camp program in which each girl is paired with an adult buddy, weave Healthy Habits into a session in which troops visit together, and have their teen Counselors in Training (CITs) deliver the program to the girls.

"Parents and volunteers really responded to the way the material is presented and how it makes it easy to work a healthy, active lifestyle into what you're doing—the concept of the Energy Balance is what they really liked, what you take in and what you put out matters," Truitt says.

But the Healthy Habits program was more than a favorite among the parents of her campers. It gave Camp Menzies a great opportunity to connect the teens at camp with younger girls who look up to them.

"The parents really liked having the teenagers help their kids and the fact that there were role models who show the girls what you can be when you get into your teenage years as a Girl Scout," Truitt adds. "The kids just had lot of fun, playing the games and making smoothies and doing it with older girls they can look up to. Those older girls really got excited about planning the activities and talking about how to get healthy."

The council intends to continue using its teen CITs and to add Healthy Habits programming for Juniors next camp season.