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Bridge to Girl Scout Junior Award

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Fly Up to Junior!

Bridge to Girl Scout Junior patchThe Bridge to Girl Scout Junior Award Patch Get ready! Get excited! You are almost a Girl Scout Junior. What fun lies ahead?

When you fly up to Girl Scout Junior, you'll get to take part in cool new experiences, like going on an overnight at a science museum, working on a farm, attending a baseball game, visiting a wildlife preserve, making a robot, or trying new sports like archery. Now that you're older, little kids look up to you, so you may decide to do something for younger Girl Scouts—perhaps plan a Teddy Bear tea for Daisies!

As a Girl Scout Junior, you can choose to go on any (or all!) of three journeys: Agent of Change, Get Moving!, and aMUSE. On a journey, you and your Junior friends can team up to make a difference in the world. Every time you complete a journey, you'll earn three awards. And after you've finished one journey, you'll be able to earn your Girl Scout Bronze Award—one of Girl Scouting's highest awards.

Earning the Award
To earn the Bridge to Girl Scout Junior Award, complete two bridging steps. These steps will help you pass down something you learned to a younger Girl Scout and look forward to what's waiting for you at the next level.

Bridging Step One: Pass It On!

Share your talents and skills by teaching younger Girl Scouts something you learned to do as a Brownie.

Here are a few ideas to get you started (you only have to do one to complete the step).

Bridging Step Two: Look Ahead!

Find out What Girl Scout Juniors Do

The best way to find out what it really means to be a Girl Scout Junior is to talk to girls who already are Juniors. To complete this step, get together with your Junior friends and do one or more of the following activities (choose whatever sounds like the most fun to you and other Brownies!).

Plan a Ceremony

Congratulations! You've earned your Bridge to Girl Scout Junior Award! Celebrate with a favorite ceremony you learned on your Brownie journey—or make up a new one. Then add your Bridging patch to your Junior sash or vest. Some girls receive their Brownie wings at this ceremony, too. For more ideas, visit Bridging Ceremonies.

If you go online, remember to sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.