Press Room

Press Room

Welcome to Girl Scouts of the USA's Press Room. We look forward to working with representatives from all types of media outlets. Here at Girl Scout national headquarters, and at all local Girl Scout councils, we have staff ready to work with you.

If you represent a media outlet with regional, national, or international reach, ask us about Girl Scouting—our projects, our direction, and our history. We can also arrange for interviews with our expert spokespeople.

Contacts for reporters working on national stories, and general information:
Please contact: media@girlscouts.org, 212-852-8525

Contacts for reporters working on local stories:
Please contact your local Girl Scout council.

If you are a member of a local TV or radio station or on the staff of a daily, weekly, or community newspaper, please contact your local Girl Scout council to find out about Girl Scouting in your area.

If you do not represent a media outlet but would like to talk to us, please use this page.

News Stories

Are you interested in doing a feature on Girl Scouts of the USA? Our many educational and research initiatives provide reporters with a variety of news, seasonal, and feature story ideas. We can assist you with background material and interviews. Read the latest news releases and media alerts from Girl Scouts of the USA in our News Releases section.

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