Updated: Response to the South Asian Tsunami Disaster

January 18, 2005

Girl Scouts of the USA offers its deepest condolences to those impacted by the recent devastation in South Asia and the eastern coast of Africa. This tragedy has touched us all, and we send our thoughts and prayers to those affected.

How You Can Help

Girl Scouts can play a role in helping those affected get back on their feet! We have been in touch with our sister Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding organizations in the region and with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) in London regarding how best to help. Here are some ways to provide assistance:

Two Important Points to Remember

  1. 1. Please remember that the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund, which promotes international Girl Scouting programs of many kinds, is not intended to fund large scale emergency needs such as those related to this crisis.

  2. 2. Please be aware that donation of goods is simply not possible. In-kind donations are very expensive to ship, tie up airports and ports already struggling to handle the huge aid donations required to keep people alive, and cost the recipients customs duties and charges for storage and distribution. Financial gifts to reputable, established organizations are most effective.

    Contact Internationalunit@girlscouts.org with any questions.